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Washer & Dryer Repair Connecticut

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Water is probably the most damaging element that a home can encounter. A leaky clothes washing machine can cause thousands of dollars in home repair is not addressed promptly.  Although home repair can be tempting, even something as simple as pushing the machine back into place without adequately clamping the drain hose can lead to a house flood.

One of the most common issues you might encounter with washing machines involve the machine being out of balance for one of several reasons. If it sounds like your washer is trying to escape the linen closet with a loud banging, we recommend stopping the cycle immediately and calling us. An unbalanced washing machine can cause damage to both the appliance and the surrounding surfaces.

If you notice any leaks at all, call ACME immediately. We're Connecticut's best washing machine repair company.



Dryers are incredibly convenient but can be equally dangerous if they aren’t well-maintained. Ninety-two percent of dryer fires are due to a failure to clean and maintain them, which is why manufacturers recommend that a professional should examine your appliance every 18-24 months even if there aren’t any observable problems.

When dryers break, their problems typically fall into one of two basic categories. The first is when the dryer turns on and seems to function well, but your clothes just aren’t getting dry. Fixes for these issues can run the gamut from electrical issues to the heating element needing to be replaced. 

The second major category of dryer issues revolves around the dryer refusing to turn on at all. This could be due to many reasons ranging from the home electrical system and plug condition to problems within the appliance itself. One of the most valuable aspects of calling a professional is that we can quickly narrow down the issue to the specific part that either needs to be replaced or repaired, getting you back up and running quickly. 

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